How I destroyed my site's rankings with this one weird trick

If you have ever wanted to flush your Google rankings down the proverbial tube, I know a great way to do it. It works great every time!

Image of Joomla code being edited in code editor used as image for blog post How to Edit Joomla Code on Production

How to Edit Joomla Code on Production

Copying your Joomla site to a development enviroment can be a pain. Sometimes, as developers we are lazy. However, that does not mean that we should just start making changes to a live website. There are some rules and tools that can make it work better. Let me share some of them with you.

How to configure HSTS on www and other subdomains

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is valuable to protect websites against SSL stripping attacks. But, if your primary site is on a www subdomain, configuring HSTS can be complicated. Let me show you how to do it.

How to Create Joomla Canonical Tags

Canonical URLs are important for SEO. Yet, getting a true canonical tag in the Joomla CMS is strangely complicated. Let me show you some solutions that work.

7 Steps To Create An Effective Organic Marketing Plan

I am a strong proponent of organic marketing. However, creating an effective marketing plan is one of the first steps toward a successful campaign. Let me walk you through my seven-step process to create an effective organic marketing plan.

Who Am I, And Why Do I Write?

If you want to learn a little more about who I am, why I started this blog, and what it is I actually do, this is the article for you!

How to Create an Amazing Brand

Branding is hard. Amazing branding is even harder. But, getting the basics right can set you up for success. Let me walk you through some of the fundamentals that make a brand amazing.