Custom Canonical Plugin

The Custom Canonical plugin for Joomla is a simple way of creating canonical URLs in the Joomla CMS.

This plugin adds a canonical link attribute or parameter directly to the item. This allows the canonical link to valid anywhere the item is displayed.


Auto Generate Canonical URLs

New Feature Adding a canonical URL is now easier than ever. Simply click the Auto button and Custom Canonical will automatically generate the canonical URL for you.

Remove Default Canonical

Joomla often sets incorrect canonical URLs. You have the option of removing those.

Canonical Pagination

Custom Canonical automatically appends pagination query strings to the end of the custom canonical URL on paginated results.

Custom Canonical Tags

You have the power to set the canonical tag to whatever you desire. This includes a different page on your site or an external site.

Item Based Canonicals

All canonical tags are item based. This means that (unlike some canonical solutions) they are URL agnostic. i.e. it is a real solution.

Supported Items




Menu Items

Plugin Downloads

Download the Custom Canonical plugin for Joomla!


The Custom Canonical plugin is very easy and simple to use, but there is documentation anyway.