Picture of Daniel Morell.

I am a web developer and technical SEO. As a perfectionist, I enjoy staring at the nitty gritty details and exploring the inner workings of systems.

Yes. I’m a bit of a nerd. But not one of the antisocial ones. I genuinely like people. There is something energizing and rewarding in helping others, talking, teaching, and socializing.

You may be wondering how I became the person I am. Well, it is a long story. It starts before I was born, but we won’t go back that far. I started building websites in 2013 with simple HTML and CSS. I quickly started learning PHP to enable me to customize Joomla, the first CMS I used. However, I soon discovered getting a site to show up in Google was more work than building the website. With that, I dove head first into the world of SEO.

As time went on, the relative popularity of Joomla waned as that of WordPress grew. I reluctantly learned WordPress but was pleasantly surprised to find it works well for blogs, small business websites, and eCommerce sites. I have yet to be convinced that it should be used as the default CMS, especially for more specialized content types or high traffic websites.

I recently started learning Python and have built and deployed a few web applications with Flask and Django. I possess a basic knowledge of JS, Vue.js, AWS, Linux, Apache, SQL, Git, and a dozen other things I work with day in and day out. I am never done learning. I have a long list of technologies that I would like to learn.

I craft each website as a piece of art. My keyboard is my brush and my next masterpiece is but waiting to be discovered. I love what I do!

My focus is on creating websites that are effective marketing tools. Each website is created with care and backed by research and market analysis. My goal is to make each website a beautiful and powerful business growth tool.

I don’t spend all my time building and optimizing websites. I also enjoy reading books on marketing and web application development, writing about SEO and web development, and teaching classes for the local chamber of commerce.

When I am not busy making the internet a better place, my time is spent with my beautiful wife, Emily, and my newborn son.

I am a...

Web Developer

I craft landmark websites for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd. Each website is unique and designed with love.


I develop optimization strategies to grow businesses online presence and revenue naturally and sustainably.

Python Enthusiast

I love working with in Python both for SEO analysis and web development. I enjoy finding new ways to use it to promote my clients.

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