Image Cruncher

Cruncher is a simple but powerful CLI image optimization tool.

It is customizable and powerful but still easy to use. Cruncher allows you to compress an optimize hundreds of images with just a few simple commands.


Core features


At its core Cruncher was built to compress images to smaller file sizes.


Cruncher can change the width and height of your images to fit your need.

Fine Tune Your Crunch

You are in control. Set the image output quality, subsampling, size, and more.

Crunch Folders of Imags

Compressing one image at a time is a lot of work. Crunch a whole directory!

Create Multiple Versions

Need a thumbnail with your full size image? Cruncher can create multiple versions.

Recursive Folder Compression

Do you have a complex folder tree filled with images. Crunch them all in recursive mode.

Run from
a Terminal

Cruncher is a CLI application so you can run it from your favorite terminal or automate it.

with JSON

Run and save your Cruncher configurations in a JSON file. This is the simplest way to run Cruncher.


Cruncher is very powerful yet simple to use. The documentation covers everything you need to know to get up and running.