Updated: 1 Min Read

Before you begin reading this guide I would like to share the short story of how it came into being.

Updated: Difficulty: Beginner 3 Min Read

What is the .htaccess file? Why use it for SEO? We will cover some of the basics in this section including other great resources.

Updated: Difficulty: Beginner 6 Min Read

Knowing when to use the .htaccess file is almost as important as knowing what you can do with it! Learn its valid uses and when you should use alternatives.

Updated: Difficulty: Intermediate 23 Min Read

One of the favorite uses of the .htaccess file is creating redirects and mapping URLs. In this chapter I will cover the fundamentals needed to understand redirects.

Updated: Difficulty: Intermediate 16 Min Read

In this chapter I will show you how to fix the three variations every URL can have (www, https, and the trailing slash) with a single redirect.

Updated: Difficulty: Beginner 1 Min Read

In this section I will show you how to set custom error pages. This will allow you to show valuable information instead of just sending the error response header.

Updated: Difficulty: Intermediate 7 Min Read

Every SEO knows that speed matters. In this section, we will look at different ways to change your server configuration with the .htaccess file to make your site load faster.

Updated: Difficulty: Expert 3 Min Read

Learn how to deploy the x-robot-tag HTTP header on your website to tell googlebot what it can crawl and index.

Updated: Difficulty: Intermediate 8 Min Read

One of the great things that the .htaccess file can accomplish is setting canonical HTTP headers on static resources like images or PDFs. You will learn how to do so in this section.

Updated: Difficulty: Intermediate 12 Min Read

In this chapter, you will learn what an SEO-friendly URL is, and how to solve common problems with .htaccess. I even explain how to convert your URLs to all lowercase.

Updated: 1 Min Read

Every site is unique. As such, I have written code to handle https, www, and the trailing slash in a number of different ways.